Flashback Friday – Birds Flying High Freestyle

Was digging in the crates (not really) and found some old hits. D/L Birds Flying High Freestyle here

The Leak – “Set Me Free” feat. Phever & Rocabesa

Not going to say too much about this track. Many have tried their hands at it but I feel Team 440 held it down. D/L set me free here

Abso The Great “Kill Bill” Remix feat. Phever

Of course I had to get in on this fire track by my close friend and hip-hop peer Abso The Great. Check out the “Kill Bill” remix here and don’t forget to visit www.absothegreat.com

“Quickie” Remix – Miguel feat. Phever

I heard this song and I just loved it. Beat, lyrics, so I had to put my own stamp on it. S/O to Miguel for a dope song. D/L “Quickie” Remix here

“The Leak” Phever – Big City, Bigger Voice Freestyle

It’s here. Let’s talk about it! Let’s get it! D/L here

Team 440/F.B.M.G Presents – DJ ROCABESA “Summer Scandal 2k11″

A few days late from Independence Day but fuck it we doing it how we want to. Another 440 MONSTER. My team heavy D/L Summer Scandal here

Milo Da Don – Dollar ~N~ A Dream

Pardon my tardiness. No Intro/Team 440 d/l Dollar N A Dream here

“The Leak” Milo Da Don – Top Of The World

I know I haven’t been posting as much but I’ve been with my 440 Gang getting things lined up right for 2011! Here’s No Intro’s own Milo Da Don first joint off the “Dollar n A Dream” mixtape Top Of The World

Coming Soon – Phever “The Lost Tapes”

We back sooner than most of yall would think. Stay tuned

Long Live The King

“Cause the greatest rapper of all-time died on March 9th” – Canibus

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